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Olympic Games

You would have to have been on the moon or perhaps even further away not to have been aware that the Olympics have been taking place in London.

In the six Olympic Games leading up to 1996, Great Britain placed 12th, 13th, 9th, 11th, 12th and 13th in the overall medals table.

In 1996, in Atlanta, Georgia, the team from Great Britain finished 36th.

This made me wonder. How has GB risen from the nadir of 36th, just four Olympic Games ago, to 3rd in 2012?

There’s the home crowd factor, of course. But my understanding is that this can be a curse as well as a blessing, putting another layer of pressure on team members.

There’s been no need to travel, certainly. And it’s not been necessary to adapt to high altitude.

So what’s the success down to?

Well, a certain Sebastian Coe (four Olympic medals winner including 1500 meters golds in 1980 and 1984) has been Chair of the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG)—the company responsible for preparing and staging the London 2012 Games.

Part of the success has been down to his leadership, his experience as a participant and to those who had the foresight to appoint him.

The success is also down to individual sports like cycling harnessing the best people, athletes, facilities and scientific knowledge.

But most of all, it seems to me, the GB team’s success is down to money. The British national lottery, founded by Sir John Major’s government in 1994, has pumped a massive £4.4bn into grassroots and elite sport. Without that investment, the level of success currently being enjoyed would not have happened.

The message for leaders in corporate life? If you’re trying to run a business on a shoestring when it comes to people investment, then you may find success elusive—no matter what other hard work and initiatives you bring to bear.


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Felices Pascuas

Happy Easter!
Frohe Ostern!

(If you like to learn a few more, look at Happy Easter in many languages external)

Happy Easter!


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Kiss Your Constitution Goodbye: Spyware Has Become a Legal Government End Solution

It’s official: The German supreme court approved the “Bundestrojaner external“. German link only, but I am sure many links in all languages will follow soon…
Anyway, the Bundestrojaner is a trojan horse the government put’s on your computer.
The spying is only ok if human lives or the existence of the state are endangered. What do think how many other countries love those German politicians and judges right now? And especially Germany, a country haunted by their Third Reich external past.

We all know how those things work out: Give the government a finger and they’ll rip out your arm. Or more.

We all know that laws are broken; by bad guys the so called criminals and by the good guys; just look at the news and the amount of complaints and lawsuits. But putting spyware on peoples computers?

1984 external wasn’t that bad, or was it?

Or maybe this was a stroke of genius from the German government - to decrease unemployment rates. Think about it: Now everyone will get busy to get more and more anti-spy-software. Anti-government software. And the Government will get busy to write more and more trojans. It also gives a totally new meaning to buyer beware: “This computer is officially government infested.” Welcome to the world of the anti-anti-anti-trojan…

Of course the one thing you will not see is that this trojan will land on the computers of those government officials that do wrong, steal, lie, betray, molest, abuse power….

What a sad day for human kind.

Wouldn’t you agree?

PS: Germany, the same country that has states paying hackers to decrypt Skype conversations…


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Super Tuesday

Will you follow todays events? Vote, if you live in one of the states… ?
Or, do you go with Anil Dash’s Caucusing is Anti-Democratic external?


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Düsseldorf Helau

It’s Rose Monday—the high day of the fifth season in Germany: Karneval!

Rosenmontag in Düsseldorf; Rechte: dpa

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Pro Football Greats Tackle Cooking—Help Fight Hunger

Players donate recipes for “Taste of the NFL” charity

We’ll also give the player with the winning recipe a large donation for his local area food bank—so do your part and vote!


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A few weeks ago I posted a poll asking if the economics is in a healthy state:

Is the Economics going uphill or downhill?
No - Down (44%)
Yes - Up (23%)
Ask me in 6 months… (22%)
I don’t know (12%)
None of the above—I post a comment (0%)

Total Votes: 78
This poll is closed

Today, German and other news reports that the stock markets in Europe and Asia plummet. In Germany it’s the worst day since 9/11. Another Black Monday? I think we can all be happy that the US markets are closed in observation of Martin Luther King Day. The German Kanzleramt (that’s like the White House) says this is just a temporary market issue, nothing to worry about.

Doesn’t that just sound way too familiar?

Can we trust that those advisors in the White House or anywhere else that didn’t see any signs of a recession or even any economic downturn even a few days ago are now able to turn the wheel and get the country out of this deadly loop? I have my doubts.

And you?

Besides that, when a single person gets $800.00 and a family get’s $1,600.00 than politics proves once again that those families with more than two family members are screwed again. After all, big families consume more - just by their size, right?

I do not know about you, but for me those are true signs of a recession and a world economics that needs help to become healthy again.

Where is a leader when economics need one?


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October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

breast cancer ribbon


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