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WordPress wpautop

The wpautop function (file formatting.php) is rather buggy: not all <p> have a </p> and vice versa. Duplicated <br /> get replaced with a single one.

The first is bad for obvious reasons, the second tampers with my formatting. I changed

Below is the changed function the way I use it:
No <p> and </p> but <br /> instead and leaving multiple line breaks (even when empty) intact.

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function wpautop($pee, $br = 1) {
  $pee = $pee . "n"; // just to make things a little easier, pad the end
  $pee = preg_replace('|<br />s*<br />|', "nn", $pee);
  // Space things out a little
  $allblocks = '(?:caption|colgroup|div|dl|dd|dt|ul|ol|pre|select|form|address|math|style|script|object|input|param)';

  $pee = preg_replace('!(</' . $allblocks . '>)!', "$1n", preg_replace('!(<' . $allblocks . '[^>]*>)!', "n$1", $pee));

  $pee = str_replace('[<br />]*<br /><br /></blockquote>', '<br /><br /></blockquote>',
         str_replace('</blockquote>', '<br /><br /></blockquote>', str_replace('<br>', '<br />', $pee)));

  $pee = str_replace(array("rn", "r"), "n", $pee); // cross-platform newlines
  if ($br) {
    $pee = preg_replace('/<(script|style).*?</\1>/se', 'str_replace("n", "<WPPreserveNewline />", "\0")', $pee);
    $pee = preg_replace('|(?<!<br />)n|', "<br />n", $pee); // optionally make line breaks
    $pee = str_replace('<WPPreserveNewline />', "n", $pee);
  if ( strstr( $pee, '<pre' ) )
    $pee = preg_replace('!(<pre.*?>)(.*?)</pre>!ise', " stripslashes('$1') .  stripslashes(clean_pre('$2'))  . '</pre>' ", $pee);

  return $pee;


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Two other Opinions:

  1. Bettyue
    09:09 on Monday, April 7th, 2008
    well done, man
  2. Katya
    09:25 on Thursday, July 16th, 2009

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