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What Are Your Tests Telling You?

We know the old saying there are lies, bigger lies and statistics, but what are your tests telling you?

We all know that more and more employers use tests to find out if a person fits into their company. But how real are those tests? How many of them take the more and more global world into consideration?
“To some Europeans, people who don’t make direct eye contact are thought to be ignoring them. West Africans, on the other hand, consider direct eye contact a sign of aggression. It’s easy to see how different views of cultural cues can be confusing and inadvertently insulting.”
Stop Telling… Start Leading! p. 129


Just today I read the evaluation of the results of a test. It started with: “The results are non-conclusive” and then followed by a three page conclusion. Hmm, and it didn’t make the author wonder?

For me the evaluation should have stopped right after “The results are non-conclusive“!

How much do you consider diversity, cultural, social and ethical differences?

In tests, business and daily life?


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