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Here’s a riddle for you.

What has the Italian word for tomato got to do with your efficiency and that of your staff.

The Italian word for tomato is ‘pomodoro’. It has lent itself to a time management technique developed by self-styled innovator, developer and entrepreneur Francesco Cirillo. Mr Cirillo used a tomato shaped kitchen timer as a student …and his technique is based on setting a timer for 25 minutes ’slots’ or ‘pomodoros’. During these 25 minute slots you focus on the task or project in hand to the exclusion of outside stimuli (email, colleagues, phone calls and so on).

Given that this blog often focuses on the damage to concentration and productivity caused by too many distractions in the workplace with email as a prime example …I thought it important to suggest some solutions. Hence mentioning the Pomodoro Technique* …

…and desk treadmills!

Desk what, Frank?

Yep …researchers have found that people are more attentive if they walk while they work and more retentive**.

And, of course, given that sitting is the new smoking …a treadmill desk will get you on your feet and moving …

…so health benefits as well as efficiency!

* For more on the Pomodoro technique, get yourself a copy of ‘The Pomodoro Technique: Do more and have fun with time management’ by Francesco Cirillo.
** Study conducted in Canada led by Élise Labonté-LeMoyne.


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