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“This money is going to be very helpful

in helping people deal with high energy prices and food prices,” said the President. external

Way too little way too late.

Someone needs to tell him in something like three words or less that the stimulus is supposed to boost the economics, not to offset the cost increase we see everywhere.

But than what can one expect from the Commander Guy who spends trillions external for a war that was announced to cost less than 600 billion external and has its mission accomplished—5 years ago.
mission accomplished
(I for one am tired of hearing about the progress being made. It’s years later and there are more and more American soldiers giving their lives for—yeah, for what?)

Did you read that the economic actually grew slightly in the first quarter external? One has to wonder how that can be with all the companies reporting income losses and layoffs. Oh, wait a minute—Dubya’s friends at the work: The oil companies (I am extremely disturbed by the obscene profits the oil companies are reaping. external) report new profit records every quarter.

Let’s face it: If a commander in chief needs to call himself the “commander guy external” he got his priorities wrong and is everything but a leader.

Anyway, for me the real issue about the stimulus pay is this:

By law, the stimulus payments are offset to satisfy past-due taxes, student loans, child support and certain other debts. external
Child support? Yes! I fully support that—after all that money goes to a child (at least in theory…)

Past due taxes, student loans and certain other debts? You got to be kidding me!

Not only that even Dubya recognizes how useless the stimulus has become—now the pay does not even go to those who more likely would actually spend it…

What’s even worst—a family with children that has debts will not get a darn thing. Or get what children need: School supplies, clothes, etc. And those cost. But one has to guess that the debt is already so insanely high that even a little not paid stimulus helps…

But since children do not have a lobby…

Families need more support, especially in times with a rotten economics. Other countries—like Germany external—pay Kindergeld external an allowance for every child.

Wouldn’t it be nice if this President stopped telling and starts leading?


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