"Frank's skill in asking the right questions is un-mistakable, and is at the core of his leadership philosophy.

The power of these questions cannot be underestimated, especially if you want to lead and not manage."
—John Cave
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Questions and Complaints

Today’s question “Do you complain too much?” is a question that I am faced with very often. As an avid reader of my blog and / or my book Stop Telling… Start Leading! The Art of Managing People by Asking Questions you know I love asking questions.

Unfortunately that is not always received well:

  • People curse
  • There is the complain that asking questions is nothing else than complaining
  • Hate will be expressed: What a stupid question!
  • Instead of thinking about an answer defense mode will be entered.
  • “Asking questions is impolite”
  • The accusation of slowing down instead of contributing to progress is made
  • You are not a team player!

What do you prefer: A great question that solves a problem or complying with every—no matter how silly in a given situation—rule?

Wouldn’t you agree that questions are not complaints but a great way of expressing concerns and helping to progress in the right direction? But let’s be clear about one thing: Because questions are not tolerated very well most have lost the ability to ask the right question. Or to accept that questions are and should be asked. There is only one way to become able to ask good questions again:
Training, training, training…

Exercises creates the master

German proverb


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