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IP and the missing leadership

That sounds good, right? And would also be true for a great many other economics, not just the American one.

Now we are in a totally different ball game. Creating a new agency? Isn’t bureaucracy already killing too much innovation? Slows down to much? Totally hinders progress? It beats me why so many think that adding more agencies solve problems. Remember the old saying: “Bureaucracy is increasing the problems by employing new government employees…”

Talk about the wrong priorities. News are full of people struggling to make a living. President Bush just finalized his program to help at least a few of those that can’t afford their mortgages anymore. The Washington Post reports that a) home foreclosures are on the rise and b) Area food banks are experiencing a critical shortage of supplies as donations drop dramatically and as demand for free and discounted food continues to soar.

But our government is busy with creating a new agency?
My, my, my. It’s really time to get them of their high horses and experience life the way many Americans do: In poverty without the dough for enough food or even a roof over their heads.

Talk about leadership.

What are these politicians really worried about?

Some big companies that complain they are losing money - or the wealth of American society. Yes society—that’s ALL the people! But then - most of the poor ones do not really give donations to politicians, right?

In a time when too many are faced with hardship—shouldn’t our politicians as the leaders they claim they are show true leadership and implement the help for those that need it?

Anyway, where that bill really gets me is here:

Does not need to be found guilty.


I agree with Jarret B. Wollstein—this is The Looting of America.

And while our leaders are at it:
Let’s change all the laws and live by: Guilty until proven innocent

PS: Any computer or network hardware used—that does not seem to be practical. Just imagine: A government employee…


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