"Frank's skill in asking the right questions is un-mistakable, and is at the core of his leadership philosophy.

The power of these questions cannot be underestimated, especially if you want to lead and not manage."
—John Cave
Westhaven Worldwide Logistics

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How 25 Dollars Could Have Saved HP Big Headaches and a Lot of Money

Stop Telling … Start Leading! - a business management book by author Frank D. Kanu identifying the deadly sins of management which hurt HP so badly.

At an U.S. House subcommittee hearing former HP board chairman Patricia Dunn testified that she initiated the investigation. She went on: “I do not accept responsibility…

According to author and leadership consultant Frank Kanu, Patricia Dunn is guilty of committing a few of the deadly sins as described in his book:
  1. Results-Oriented Instead of Goal-Oriented
  2. Overlook Setting Goals Together With the Employees
  3. Let Everything Go Uncontrolled
  4. Nobody Takes Responsibility for the Team
  5. Demand and Encourage
  6. Ignore Standards
  7. Tolerate Negligence
  8. Ignore the Different Personalities in the Team
  9. I’m Too Busy Right Now…
  10. Making Money Is Important.
  11. Instead of Delegating You Do Everything Yourself
  12. Be Everybody’s Darling
  13. Only Give Tribute to a Chosen Few

Now we all know that just buying a book alone will not cut it. One has to do more: Listening to the advice given; understanding the reasoning behind it; questioning it; learning from it. Kanu gains inspiration by Albert Einstein: “The most important thing is not to stop questioning“.

Spending $25, some hours to read a book and a few more to start implementing the advice should be well worth way more then becoming guilty of one of the deadly sins and losing money, creditability, customers and fans/followers.

Stop Telling… Start Leading!
The Art of Managing People by Asking Questions
ISBN 0-9774056-1-3

Genius One, Inc.
Frank Kanu
Phone: 571-330-5077


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One other Opinion:

  1. George Chernikov
    07:52 on Saturday, October 28th, 2006
    Wow! I must say this is a very concise and accurate list of things not to do when you occupy a senior position within an organisation (especially Sin No. 4, which I really think is one of the worst things you could ever do to your company - and one that Patricia Dunn seems to be quite heavily guilty of).

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