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Good credit = good employee?

Qualification: Must have a good credit history
LaToya Horton was temping at a management consulting firm in Boston last January when it offered her a full-time job as a clerk. Then, the firm said it needed to check her credit.
Horton, 30, of Dorchester, didn’t get the job after her credit report showed $18,000 in deferred student loans. “My credit wasn’t perfect, but I never thought my student loans would go against me,” said Horton.

Without the education the person does not get the job and then with the education…

We all know how expensive education has become and how it influences the credit score. Plus the credit scoring system was not setup in a way that helps an employer to make a decision about an employee.

Do you think your employer should be allowed to be that much in your personal business?


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Two other Opinions:

  1. Jill
    10:55 on Wednesday, September 13th, 2006
    Does a less than perfect credit score mean a less than perfect employee? I don’t think so. Many people have to work and some even have to work to pay off debt. Of course sometimes this debt is on the credit report.
  2. Coleen Davis
    13:19 on Monday, September 25th, 2006
    It seems to me that the job that is involved is important.

    Suppose Sally applied for a job vacancy as a receptionist who was merely having customers sign in. In this situation, it might not matter if Sally had good credit.

    How about a financial position though? If the job involves investing the firm’s resources, setting credit policies, or paying bills for the firm, I’d certainly want to consider Sally’s credit rating!

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