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DNA profiling

If Captain James T Kirk was a great leader, he apparently might have been in possession of a DNA sequence specific to leadership qualities.

The sequence, known as rs4950, was discovered during research undertaken in 2012 by University College London’s Dr. Jan-Emmanuel De Neve.

rs4950 was found after analyzing some 4,000 DNA samples which were matched to career information.

Now… before you think your CEO recruitment searches have suddenly become a lot easier (you can see the line in the job ad now—’Applicants should send a swab of their saliva to…’) and much less expensive… the scientists involved in the research have emphasized that they still believe that leadership is an acquired skill. The research does suggest, however, that leadership is, at least in part, a genetic trait.

I wonder how Fortune 500 share prices would fare if CEOs had to declare whether they had rs4950 or not.

And we thought DNA profiling was just a threat to life insurance premiums!


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One other Opinion:

  1. adhi
    01:42 on Saturday, September 24th, 2016
    yeah i also heard about dna effects leadership but i dont trust it

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