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Here’s a leadership dilemma for you.

You are the Director General of the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). Some $225m in revenue for the corporation is generated by a show which is massively popular in the UK and—as the revenue figure suggests—around the world.

One of the reasons for the show’s popularity is that political correctness is set aside for an hour and the presenters say what they like. This is particularly the case with the lead presenter and he has already been given a ‘final warning’ not to cause any more diplomatic or other kind of upsets with his comments.

Then you hear that this presenter lost his temper with a producer on a shoot. After a long day’s filming only cold food was available. This led to the presenter browbeating the producer for half an hour and then punching him in the face. The producer had to go to hospital to be checked over.

You hold an enquiry to understand the facts.

And then your dilemma…

If you sack the presenter you’re waving goodbye to huge domestic and international audiences. The BBC is funded by a license fee from every household with a TV so you won’t do this lightly. The show’s popularity means you’ll have a lot of disaffected viewers.

There’s also a political dynamic. You know that the show’s audience found its tone of voice refreshing given the Corporation’s reputation for political correctness and left-wing bias.

And, finally, there’s the straightforward problem of an assault having occurred in the workplace and whether that should be tolerated.

What was the decision?

Well, the presenter’s contract has been terminated, notwithstanding all the other issues. It was deemed that, already on a final warning, he crossed a line.

My view? I agree with the decision.

Do you?


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