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Captain James T Kirk

‘Was Captain James T Kirk a great leader?’

Yes, I have just put this question into a search engine and, no, I haven’t got too much time on my hands.

I just wondered whether it had crossed anyone else’s mind that this fictional character often exhibited good leadership qualities.

Well, with the number of ’search results’ at some 1,950,000, it seems that quite a few people have a view on my question.

Incredibly, the original Star Trek series was aired over three ’seasons’ from 1966 – 1969 and yet the style of leadership exhibited remains imprinted on many minds. I recall a leader who:
  • was happy to have a diverse team around him including a quite different second in command (Spock)
  • could manage the differences among team members to the best advantage of the all
  • would lead by example
  • was sufficiently charismatic that people would rally behind him
  • could be tough and make tough decisions when necessary
  • sought the opinions of others but was able to make up his own mind
  • was empathetic and sympathetic when this was called for
  • never forgot the mission and his role in it.

Sounds like a pretty good leader to me.

And he also did not mind the occasional grammatical lapse (’to boldly go’ – split infinitive!).


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